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    Five Adventures You Must Try in Valencia: The Non-Touristy Side of the City

    Valencia is a hotbed of unexpected experiences and unique adventures that can give a very personal touch to your visit. If you are looking to get away from the typical tourist routes and want to immerse yourself in authentic Valencia, here are five exciting adventures you should try.

    1. Experience the Valencian Orchard: Explore the Huerta de Valencia, a vast expanse of farmland that surrounds the city and is the agricultural heart of the region. Participate in a “work day” on an authentic farm, where you can learn about traditional farming methods, and then enjoy an authentic meal with freshly harvested produce.
    2. Valencian Cooking Class: Sign up for a local cooking class where you’ll learn to prepare authentic Valencian dishes. From how to make a real paella to making horchata de chufa, these experiences will give you a unique insight into Valencia’s rich culinary culture.
    3. Discover Local Graffiti: Street art is a vibrant and often overlooked part of Valencia’s culture. Take a graffiti tour through the neighborhoods of El Carmen or Russafa, where you can discover impressive murals and understand the message behind each piece of art.
    4. Explore Natural Parks: Valencia is surrounded by amazing natural parks that offer all kinds of activities. Hiking in the Sierra Calderona Natural Park or exploring the caves of the Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park will give you a completely new vision of the region.
    5. Learn to Play Valencian Ball: This traditional sport, similar to Basque pelota, is an important part of Valencian culture. You can visit a “trinquet”, the traditional place where this sport is played, and learn the rules of the game from the locals. It’s a great way to interact with local people and immerse yourself in a deeply rooted Valencian tradition.

    These experiences will allow you to see a side of Valencia that many tourists never get to see. So if you’re looking for something beyond the typical tourist attractions, dare to try these unique and authentic adventures!

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