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    Public Transportation in Valencia: Everything You Need to Know

    Welcome to Valencia, a sustainable tourist destination that boasts an excellent public transportation network to facilitate your travels around the city. Connecting all neighborhoods and areas of tourist interest, this transportation system gives you the opportunity to explore Valencia in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Whether you prefer to walk, bike, or use the metro, tram, or bus, here you will find everything you need to know to move comfortably and at the best price.

    How to get around Valencia?

    Valencia offers a wide range of public transportation for you to move without restrictions. The city has 60 bus lines, 5 metro lines, and 4 tram lines, plus 180 metropolitan bus routes and 6 commuter trains. This means you have a connection from the airport to the city center, trendy neighborhoods, the beach, l’Albufera, nearby villages, and any other place of interest.

    The whole city is connected!

    Get a Valencia Tourist Card for convenience

    If you have decided to use public transportation during your visit to Valencia, we recommend purchasing the Valencia Tourist Card. This card offers unlimited travel for 24, 48, or 72 hours, which is convenient and economical. The card is activated with the first use on public transportation or other establishments, and you can use it as many times as you want on all urban and metropolitan bus lines, the metro, tram, and the city’s commuter trains. With the Valencia Tourist Card, you can also travel to and from the airport (metro lines 3 and 5) at no additional cost, which represents considerable savings compared to the price of a taxi. Additionally, the card includes additional benefits, such as free entry to municipal museums and monuments, discounts on tourist attractions and local shops, as well as free tapas with drinks.

    Buses: prices, schedules, and frequencies

    If you do not have the Valencia Tourist Card, you can buy a single bus ticket on board for 1.5 euros. You also have the option to buy a bus ticket for 10.50 euros (8.50 euros + 2 euros for the card) or the SUMA card of 10 trips for 10 euros (8 euros + 2 euros for the card), which is valid on urban and interurban buses, metro, tram, and commuter trains. Both bonuses must be activated when boarding the bus.

    The bus ticket can be purchased at tobacconists, kiosks, and EMT customer service offices, and can be recharged online through the official website or the EMTValencia app. Each journey is valid for one hour and allows you to make unlimited transfers between EMT buses. On the other hand, the SUMA10 card can be purchased at Metrovalencia and Renfe Cercanías stations, as well as at usual points of sale, and can be recharged through the RecargaSUMA app. Each journey with the SUMA10 card is valid for 90 minutes and only allows one transfer within the same zone or 110 minutes if traveling through several zones.

    Buses in Valencia operate from 6:00 to 22:00, with an average waiting frequency of 12 minutes. Stops with canopies have panels that show the waiting time of the next buses. From 22:00, the night bus service begins on 23 selected lines.

    Explore La Albufera by Bus

    If you want to visit the natural park of La Albufera, its lagoons, forests, and rice fields, you can get there by bus! The municipal bus lines 25 and 24 will take you to El Palmar and El Perellonet, respectively. The stops at Embarcadero or El Palmar are the

    closest to enjoy a traditional boat ride on L’Albufera lake. These bus lines operate between 7:00 and 22:00. Also, these buses pass through Pinedo, El Saler, and El Perellonet, where you will find spectacular natural beaches.

    Buses to Visit Nearby Villages

    The characteristic yellow buses, known as Metrobus, allow you to travel from Valencia to the main urbanizations and shopping centers in the surroundings, as well as to most of the interesting towns in the metropolitan area, such as Port Saplaya, El Puig, El Saler, Pinedo, Puçol, and Sagunto, among others. With the Valencia Tourist Card, you can travel on Metrobus to all towns included in zones AB.

    Download the EMT Urban Buses App

    For your convenience, we recommend downloading the official EMT Valencia app. With this app, you can know the remaining time for your bus to arrive, find the best route to any point in Valencia, get up to three route options, locate nearby stops through GPS, and save your favorite stops and places for faster access. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. You can also download the official Metrovalencia and Renfe Cercanías apps to get information about the metro and commuter trains.

    Metro and Tram: Prices, Schedules, and Frequencies

    The metro and tram in Valencia have 10 lines that allow you to make combinations between them, giving you access to any point in the city. The price of a single metro ticket varies depending on the number of zones you travel, being 1.50 euros for one zone, 2.80 euros for two zones, and 4.80 euros for three zones. To these prices, 2 euros are added for the rechargeable support. You also have the option to purchase the SUMA 10 bonus for 8 euros (plus 2 euros for the support), which includes 10 trips and allows transfers between the metro, tram, and buses. All these tickets can be purchased at metro or tram stations. Remember that metro hours go from 4:00 to 23:30 during the week, and extend until 3:00 in the morning on Fridays, Saturdays, and eves of holidays. Bicycles are also allowed in metro cars, thus promoting sustainable mobility in the city.

    Enjoy Biking in Valencia

    If you’re a bike lover, in Valencia you’ll find a paradise to explore on two wheels. The city has over 150 kilometers of bike lanes distributed throughout its territory, and you can also tour the old Turia River bed, transformed into a bike-friendly garden that crosses the urban center. Valencia is a flat city, ideal for pedaling, and motor vehicles have a speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour, which ensures greater safety for cyclists. In addition to touring the city, you can bike to the beaches, l’Albufera, and the Valencian Orchard. If you prefer, you can also hire bike tours to visit the various attractions of the city or rent a bike and explore on your own.

    Discover Valencia through its efficient public transportation network and enjoy a comfortable, sustainable, and accessible experience to explore all corners of the city. We look forward to seeing you in Valencia!

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