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    Painted roof and altar. San Nicolas church. Landmark Valencia, S

    A Journey Through Time

    In Valencia, history is alive in its monuments. In the heart of the old city is the Valencia Cathedral, an impressive structure that combines Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque elements. Its bell tower, El Miguelete, offers a panoramic view of the city. Not far from the Cathedral is the Basilica of the Virgin of the Forsaken, the patron saint of Valencia. This basilica is an important place of pilgrimage and its image of the Virgin is one of the most venerated in Spain.

    Another unmissable monument is the Silk Exchange, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This masterpiece of civil Gothic architecture is a testimony to the economic boom that Valencia experienced in the 15th century. Next to the Silk Exchange is the Central Market, one of the largest covered markets in Europe. Its modernist-style building, with its large glass and metal dome, is one of the city’s most iconic.

    The Serranos Towers and the Quart Towers, former gates of the medieval wall, are other testimonies to Valencia’s rich history. From the Serranos Towers, there is a magnificent view of the old Turia riverbed, now converted into a large park.


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